Special Education

EBD Resources in the DFW area

I decided to share some resources that I know of in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for youth with emotional or behavioral disorders (EBD). Early detection and prevention methods are essential in preventing any escalation in adverse or antisocial behavior. Increased awareness regarding mental health in classrooms along with the appropriate resources and training for teachers/staff will contribute to an environment more conducive to learning. I comprised this list of resources after a classmate asked if I could create one for her and a resource teacher. I have provided the brief list of resources below.


PBIS.org (Wealth of information regarding positive behavioral interventions & supports and the social, emotional, and academic outcomes for students with disabilities. )

Behaviordisorder.org (Offers information on behavior disorders, conduct disorders, and other behavior problems.)

Kidsmentalhealth.org (Information provided on a variety of different disabilities and mental illness.)

Dallascbt.com (Therapy clinic that specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy and approaches to treat anxiety, depression, and behavioral disorders.)

healthychildren.org (Health information regarding ages and stages from prenatal to young adults.)

dshs.state.tx.us (Information regarding health services provided in the state of Texas. )

mental health america of greater dallas.org (Website dedicated to the mental well-being of all.)

navigate life texas.org (Website for Texas families and parents of children with disabilities or special health-care needs, and designed to offer support, inspiration, and resources.)

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