Read, Write, and Teach in 2016

  • This year I want to simply read. Something that was once joyous entertainment quickly became a task that was often met with reluctance due to graduate school. I will once again be able to take part in the many facets of pleasure reading. In addition, to purchasing new reading material I want to read the books that I already own.
  • In a drastic effort to induce change, I created this blog. I wanted to write more this past year, but often times would find excuses not to. I have realized one of the ways to become a better writer is to simply WRITE! Therefore, I have provided myself with the task of posting at least once a week. With my writing I hope to enlighten or teach a reader about a subject/issue that may be unfamiliar to them .
  • For me, an important part of developing into a competent teacher is remaining  a student. This year my goal is to get closer to becoming an expert in my subject matter through the acquisition of new ideas and reading literature in my field. Most importantly, I hope to make a positive impact on someone’s life.

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