Student Teaching

My first week of student teaching was actually unencumbered by assignments of my mentor teacher or creating lesson plans for the pupils I taught. Interesting enough, classroom management came to me more naturally than expected. I have found that children like structure and discipline more than most adults realize. Being that the majority of my past experiences involving youth was in an alternative behavior setting, elementary was a breath of fresh air. Throughout the week I developed a list of tips to be considered and evaluated while student teaching.

#1 Be Proactive!: If there is something you want to try or an intervention you want to implement tell your mentor teacher and do it! Take initiative.

#2 Be Innovative: Use your creativity and what you have learned to your benefit and apply it to your teaching style and lesson plans.

#3 Build a relationship with students: One of the most important parts of being a teacher is connecting with your students. In order to accomplish this you must engage them and get to know them. It is important to let them know you are NOT their friend, but their teacher. However, building a relationship with them will prove beneficial to you and the student. It will allow you to build a repertoire with them that could become lifelong. Sometimes this means bringing yourself down to the level of the student.

#4 Have fun!: Sometimes you can become overwhelmed with lesson plans and other unforeseen tasks that often occur. Nevertheless, it is important to remember to have fun. Student teaching should be exciting, enjoy the experience. There will be stressful days, but also many days that make you smile and reassure you that you are making a difference.

To anyone currently student teaching I hope this post helps and please remember to have FUN!


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